N E X T  S T E P S

We're so glad you've decided to take your Next Steps here at GSCC. Take a moment and fill out our Digital Connect Card.

Starting Point

Starting Point is a four-week series of meetings designed to help you discover your part in God’s story and fulfill His call on your life. It’s about finding purpose and opportunities to grow right here at GSCC.


Whether you’ve been at GSCC for a while or you’re just beginning to call it home, we invite you to join us for Starting Point.


Learn, grow, and make some new friends along the way! Starting Point provides a great opportunity for you to build community. We meet every Wednesday evening during the Connect Group semesters.

About the Starting Point Meetings


Starting Point Week 1  | GSCC 101

This is the first step in beginning your journey of growth here at GSCC! In week one of Starting Point you'll learn the history of how GSCC came to be and learn about the GSCC Staff.


Starting Point Week 2 | Who Are We?

In this second week you'll discover the mission and vision of GSCC, the core values of who we are and what we do, as well as our philosophy of ministry.


Starting Point Session 3 | What We Believe

In week 3 of Starting Point, we'll dive into what we believe. We'll uncover what we believe the Bible says to be true about the Trinity, the Scripture, the Atonement, Salvation, what the Christian life looks like, The church's role, as well as baptism and communion.


Starting Point Session 4 | CONNECT!

You've got the fundamentals down...what's next? Connect! We believe that we as Christians are called to Connect with God, Connect with each other and Connect with those who are separated from God. In week 4 of Starting Point we'll cover how you can Connect in these three areas at GSCC. 


Water Baptisms

At GSCC, we believe water baptism is a celebration of your decision to follow Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Just as the symbols of the wedding and wedding ring are a declaration of a marriage covenant, water baptism is the outward declaration of the covenant you’ve made with God. As your church, we would like to stand with you as you publicly declare you have made the decision to surrender your life to the Lord. If you are interested in participating in the next water baptism service, please fill out the form below.