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Good Shepherd Community Church is a Spirit-empowered, non-denominational body of believers. We believe that God never intended for people to go through life alone. So our first priority is to make sure that every person who comes to GSCC feels welcomed, valued and cared for. We want to create opportunities for you to connect with God spiritually and connect with others relationally in such a way that you will discover freedom, fulfillment and purpose in your life. We truly believe that, “Together we can” make a difference at home, church and our communities as we connect with Him and each other.

"For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, for he has no one to help him up." Ecclesiastes 4:10 (NKJV)

Our Story

In 1963, the “Bible Mission” fellowship was founded at two small buildings that were purchased on 5059 Boca Chica Boulevard in Brownsville, Texas. During that time the church name changed to “Church of the Good Shepherd”. Additions were made to the house and outbuilding at that location to accommodate the increase from the founding few to 90 believers.

The church then purchased a 3-story property at 555 Elizabeth Street from a local Baptist congregation. This downtown location saw 21 years of life-giving ministry until the church leadership began strategically praying about moving towards the fast-growing, North-end of Brownsville.

By the late 1990’s, Church of the Good Shepherd had purchased land on what is now 300 West Morrison Road. Through a series of miracles, the Lord has provided for our current facility to be debt free shortly after it’s completion in the year 2000. We have since adapted our name to “Good Shepherd Community Church” to best represent our focus on ministry here in Brownsville as well as abroad.

Good Shepherd Community Church is focused on being one of the healthiest growing churches in the valley. Many new and dynamic ministries have been, and continue to be, created to help minister to individuals and families and in the midst of all this exciting activity, our church health is more important than numerical growth and church programs. At GSCC, we recognize that God has a specific plan and purpose for each person’s life. That’s why its so important to Connect with God... Connect with each other... and Connect with those separated from God. The broad scope and variety of ministries at Good Shepherd Community Church are simply a reflection of our heart to connect with people and help minister to them regardless of economic, social and ethnic backgrounds, not just in Brownsville, but also the Rio Grande Valley and around the world!

Vision | Mission | Priority | Purpose

GSCC’s Vision

The vision of Good Shepherd Community Church is to see people saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered and serving in ministry for God and His Kingdom.

GSCC’s Mission

Our mission is to allow the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us so that everyone feels welcome, valued and cared for so that they can connect with God, connect with each other and connect with those separated from God. Everything we do at Good Shepherd Community Church revolves around this mission statement.

GSCC’s Priority

To demonstrate our love for God by partnering with Him and uniting with each other to accomplish His will for Brownsville, the Rio Grande Valley and the world. This is priority accomplished though our Sunday celebration services and through Connect groups.

GSCC’s Purpose

We believe that programs alone cannot change a person’s heart. However, connecting with God and receiving His free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ can. GSCC's purpose is that through worship, preaching, teaching and connecting, we will introduce people to the intimate and life changing presence of God. This results in them learning and holding on to the truth found in God’s infallible Word which causes them to grow in faith by continually choosing to trust Him in every area of their life.

Statement of Faith

Article 1—The Trinity

It is the testimony of both the Old and New Testaments and of the Christian Church that God is both One and Triune. The biblical revelation testifies that there is only one God and that He is eternally existent in three persons—Father, Son and Holy Spirit

God the Father

God the Father is the creator and sustainer of all things, and He created the universe in love. He created man in His own image for fellowship and called man back to Himself through Christ after the rebellion and fall of man.

The Son

Jesus Christ is eternally God. He was together with the Father and the Holy Spirit from the beginning, and through Him all things were made. For man’s redemption, He left heaven and became incarnate by the Holy Spirit through the virgin Mary; henceforth, He is forever one Christ with two natures—God and man—in one person.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God, the Lord and giver of life, who was active in the Old Testament and given to the Church in fullness at Pentecost. He empowers the saints for service and witness, cleanses man from the old nature and conforms us to the image of Christ. The baptism in the Holy Spirit, subsequent to conversion, releases the fullness of the Spirit and is evidenced by the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Article 2—The Scripture

We affirm that the Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, is alone the only infallible, inspired Word of God, and that its authority is ultimate, final and eternal. It cannot be added to, subtracted from or superseded in any regard. The Bible is the source of all doctrine, instruction, correction and reproof. It contains all that is needed for guidance in godliness and practical Christian conduct.

Article 3—The Atonement

Christ’s vicarious death on the cross paid the penalty for the sins of the whole world, but its benefits are only applicable to those who receive Jesus as personal Savior. Healing—body, soul and spirit—and all of God’s provisions for His saints, are provided for in the atonement, but these must be appropriated by faith.

Article 4—Salvation

Thee Word of God declares clearly that salvation is a free gift of God, based on the merits of the death of His Son, and is appropriated by faith. Salvation is affected by personal repentance, belief in the Lord Jesus (justification) and personal acceptance of Him into one’s life as Lord and Savior (regeneration). The new life in Christ includes the privileges of adoption and inheritance in the kingdom of God’s beloved Son. Salvation is an act of free will in response to God’s personal love for mankind. It should produce an active lifestyle of loving obedience and service to Jesus Christ our Savior.

Article 5—The Christian Life

We believe that the Scriptures portray the life of the saint in this world to be one of balance between what is imputed to us as Christians and what is imparted to us according to our faith and maturity. therefore, God’s provision for His children is total, and His promises are final and forever. the shortcomings of the individual and of the church are because of the still progressing sanctification of the saints. The Christian life is filled with trials, tests and warfare against a spiritual enemy. To remain faithful through all circumstances of life requires dependence upon the Holy Spirit and a willingness to die to personal desires and passions.

Article 6—The Church

The goal of the church is to make disciples of all nations and to present the saints complete in Christ. The five-fold ministry gifts listed in Ephesians 4 govern the church, along with the elders and service of the deacons, as well as other leadership roles mentioned in Scripture. Church policy is a balance between congregation and eldership authority, emphasizing the final authority of the church leadership. It is essential to the life of the church that scriptural patterns of discipline are practiced and that oversight for church discipline, individual and corporate, is exercised by the leadership of the church.

Article 7—Baptism And The Lordʼs Supper (Communion)

The Word of God places on the church two perpetual ordinances of the Lord Jesus Christ. The first, baptism, is the outward sign of what God has already done in the individual’s life and is a testimony to all that the person now belongs to Jesus. It is identification with Jesus and is affected in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Lord’s Supper is a commemoration of the death of the Lord and is done in remembrance of Him until He comes again; it is a sign of our loving participation in Him. Both institutions are restricted to those who are believers.

Here at GSCC, we receive communion together during the Sunday services on a quarterly basis. We welcome people to participate in communion as often as they choose. Communion elements are made available at a table located in the back of the sanctuary.

Article 8—Eschatology

We affirm the bodily, personal second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the resurrection of the saints, the millennium and the final judgment. The final judgment will determine the eternal status of both the saints and the unbelievers, determined by their relationship to Jesus Christ. We affirm with the Bible the final state of the new heavens and the new earth.


Good Shepherd Community Church is a Spirit-empowered, non-denominational body of believers. We believe that God never intended for people to go through life alone.

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