Good Shepherd Community Church

School Of Ministry



Wherever you are!

The GSCC School of Ministry is designed to be accessible wherever you are; whether you are a new Christian, or you have grown up in the Church; whether you are in the city, or in the far corners of the earth; whether you have never completed a high-school education, or you have completed your doctorate. The GSCC School of Ministry will present the truths of God in a very practical manner, and in an easy to follow format.

We desire to be a church that disciples, equips and empowers believers  with essential ministry training, so that they can go out in the community and make a difference through service and outreach. 

We have partnered with N2N University as they consistently develop and distribute high quality Bible courses for the teaching and training of Christian throughout the local church and to developing nations.

Volunteers, leaders and congregation members…

In as little as three hours a week, the GSCC School of Ministry offers meaningful training to you. The video-based curriculum provides lectures, written coursework, multiple-choice quizzes and tests. After you complete the required coursework, you will be eligible to apply for either an Associate's or Bachelor’s degree (appropriate to the level of their coursework).

Empowered for a Purpose…

The N2N curriculum will draw you into a learning experience like no other. Combined with excellent teaching and oversight, the N2N curriculum will lay a strong Biblical foundation for a stronger relationship with God, a new passion for studying the Word of God, and a lifetime of ministry and church-service.

Flexible Format…

Every church and individual has their own needs and time constraints, that's why our curriculum is designed to be as flexible as possible so that each class period includes a video lecture of 30 minutes, followed by ten minutes of application by the facilitator, and then fifteen minutes of group discussion in small groups. This offers the advantages of both a traditional school format, as well as small-group style study.

Structured Study…

Using the N2N curriculum our Church Program offers many of the advantages of a traditional formal Bible school through it's systematic and structured teaching. Our facilitators follow a schedule of classes and tests, and students receive grades based on testing and class participation. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be eligible for a two-year or four-year degree.


Request for Information…

For more information please email or call:

Phone: 956.350.8282 (9am - 5pm CST)