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Good Shepherd Connect Groups are an important way for people to connect with the heart of our church, and with each other. In Connect Groups we Strengthen, Teach, Reach, Encourage, and Mature! That is where we get the word STREAM. The STREAM operates in Connect Groups in various forms which we call ACTS.

  • Action Groups: These groups have a common mission - Outreach and Service inside and outside of the church.
  • Core Groups: These groups center around spiritual development and discipleship - Biblical study groups, books of the bible.
  • Topical Groups: These groups center around a common focus - Sermon notes, marriage, parenting, finances, etc.
  • Safety Groups: These groups focus on a common challenge - Freedom, divorce, grief, divorce, recovery, addictions, etc.

Connect Groups Help Fulfill the Vision of GSCC to see every person! Saved : Healed Set Free : Discipled : Equipped : Empowered : Serving 

Each semester that we begin our Connect groups, we kick off with an exciting event called Rally Weeks! This is where we give you the opportunity to check out the groups that have formed and encourage you to get you signed up to attend a group.

Rally weeks are January 15, 22, 29

Winter/Spring Semester of Connect Groups begins Monday, January 30, 2017!

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